Blockchain technology replaces handwritten recipes


Doctors’ notes and instructions are usually difficult to read. Electronic prescriptions have solved this problem, but this technology is not yet available in developing countries. One possible solution is blockchain, the same technology used for electronic currency transactions.

Everardo Barojas wants the doctor’s prescription to remain a thing of the past and to use modern technology known as blockchain.

“If a system were to be built to safely exchange sensitive data, then it would be operated via ‘blockchain’ … This is especially important for developing countries where there may be fewer rules preventing it a pharmaceutical company to create this process, “says Everardo Barojas, director of the firm Prescrypto.

Mr. Barojas created the “Prescrypto” app to create, authorize and track recipes in Latin America, which he says are still on paper.

“Paper is easily falsified and impossible to trace … There are many businesses and access to medical services that are hampered by a piece of paper, right? Telemedicine e.g. it cannot be made with paper recipes, ”says Barojas.

Barojas discussed the “Prescrypto” application during a newly developed activity in New York on blockchain technology, which creates a kind of distributed network that is more difficult to manipulate.

Patient information is automatically encrypted.

About 1,000 physicians in Latin America are already using the Prescrypto program and Mr. Barojas believes the need will increase.

“Think of an elderly patient who can’t get out of bed. The only option left is for the doctor to come home, give him a piece of paper and then a nurse to go to the pharmacy to present the prescription, “says Mr Barojas.

This app will customize this process according to modern day medicine.


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