‘BlueKeep’ DOS Windows RDP


Exploit seekers from the exploitdb site, exploiting executable attacks,
discovered a bug in the Windows Remote Desktop app called BlueKeep.

Microsoft issued a critical patch for Windows Remote Desktop as vulnerable last week and the risks of attacks have been increased by exploiting this exploit.

Kaspersky / @ oct0xor took Blue Screen with #Bluekeep. GIF is authentic. So far, three different scholars have come to this stage in different companies. Note this by itself does not allow the execution of the code.

See the video here for more details!

Kevin Beaumont (@GossiTheDog) May 20, 2019

The same issue reported from McAfee lab in 21 May, 2019.

So far, no Bluekeep attack is seen in the high level, but the researchers at Proofpoint have seen low levels of scanning activity in search of wiretapping systems.


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