Centreon is part of vulnerability


Created in 2003, Centreon is an Open Source software package that lets you supervise all the infrastructures and applications comprising your information system.
It was 50 000 users and 15 000 downloads per month.

Around this project, there are two main actors : the Centreon community and the publishing company, MERETHIS.

Find on this blog the latest news about Centreon and his modules, the good practices and much more !

For an introduction to the software, you can use the documentation, the wiki and of course the download page that you can use to familiarize yourself with the Centreon solution and begin to use it.

Researchers Remalla Sebastien from exploitdb site has found vulnerability in version Centreon 19.10.5 as ‘Pollers’ Remote command Execution (Metasploit).

If you have installed this version, please be careful to update them fast because you are in dangerous place from attackers!


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