Department of Homeland Security: Conflict with Iran promotes wiper attacks


Iran is stepping up its cybercrime activity against U.S., which may appear in the “wiping” attacks that make computers useless, a senior cyber security officer in the United States said Sunday.

As a result, US institutions should support their basic cyber security protection, including the use of multi-factor legalization, said Christopher C. Krebs, director of the National Security Department’s National Security and Security Infrastructure Agency.

Christopher C. Krebs Post on Twitter

“Big ships are incredible swimming nets – lots of connected devices, very boring users, little open ball tests, potential hate change administrators, nasty bad events, bad air events, and even navigation and other control systems in the heritage boxes, “he writes.

The US National Counterintelligence and Security Center put Iran in a basket of three countries – including China and Russia – to label it as “the most skilled and active cyber-actor associated with economic espionage and potential theft of secrets American trading and proprietary information “. “

Witt is accused of helping Iranians in phishing campaigns by developing targeted packages or information sets that could be useful to social engineering victims. Campaigns sought to compromise US intelligence agents’ computers.

Also in front of Iran, DHS issued an emergency warning in January for attacks seeking to modify domain name system registers. Modifying those DNS registrations can allow a variety of attacks, including collecting account credentials and redirecting email traffic.


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