Facebook has named 20 people who could defeat Mark Zuckerberg’s decisions


The new supervisory board will review decisions to remove content from Facebook. Members are well-known professionals who are independent of the company.

An editor of a newspaper that won the Pulitzer Prize for documents issued by Edward Snowden. A Nobel Peace Prize laureate. A former federal judge who has argued 15 cases before the Supreme Court. A witness before the Judiciary Committee who has argued for President Trump’s guilt. And a former Prime Minister of Denmark.

These are just some of the newly appointed members of the Facebook Supervisory Board, the independent body that the most famous social network has decided to start reviewing some of its most important decisions regarding the content displayed on its platform.

When the board decides whether to shift the content to Facebook users, this will be the first time someone has made Facebook decisions that even Mark Zuckerberg can’t change.

On Wednesday, we learned the names of the board members. This is an impressive group that will not necessarily feel dependent on Facebook, regarding the decisions it will take starting this fall.

They will not abandon their daily work as Facebook sees this as part-time work for board members. But they expect their participation to make a difference in the world.

“This is a historic moment,” said Kate Klonick, a law professor who has followed the board closely. “This is the first time a private transnational company has voluntarily designated a portion of its policies to delegate to a foreign body like this,” sources said.

Facebook launched plans to set up the board in early 2018, after Zuckerberg, influenced by criticism after the 2016 election, thought making some decisions to an independent entity would help Facebook’s credibility. “I think it will help people feel that the process was more impartial in judging what content should be on Facebook and what is not,” he said when the idea of ​​creating such an independent body came up. .


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