For AirDrop users, hackers can see your phone number


Apple’s AirDrop is a great way to share photos, videos and links between iPhone, iPad and Mac devices, but it also has a lot of bad features.

This app also has a loophole, which allows hackers to steal your phone number and discover a lot of your personal information.

Researchers at Hexway, have found the user phone number can be obtained through software installed on laptops, Bluetooth and WiFi use system.

The way AirDrop works – using Bluetooth LE, or the low power of this system to create WiFi connectivity – also reduces the phone number so it can send and receive material safely.

At the same time, the user’s phone number is exposed to hackers and can become part of different data as part of cybercrime.
While Apple is working to stop this feature on AirDrop, app users can only stop Bluetooth if they want to be safe and feel comfortable.


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