MyShake has sent warnings before an earthquake strikes California


The MyShake app, which can warn of any possible terms, has sent its first warnings to California in the United States.

Though this app, which operates in this state alone, receiving signals from the Cholame seismic recorder, it has sent warning messages to 151 users before a 4.3 magnitude earthquake struck their city of Bakersfield.

The Los Angeles Times reports that after the warning they received, about eight seconds passed when they experienced slight tremors from the earthquake.

The idea behind this app is to let people know, even seconds ago, that they can escape, take shelter or recover before the tremor begins.

This app will only be activated if there is an earthquake above 4.5, and will only send alerts to users in areas expected to be hit by shakes.

This application, which records the deepest start of vibration startup, is expected to alert users earlier and avoid possible tragedies.

MyShake technology enables users to report on their experience in order to further enhance this application.


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