NPM fix malicious stole Login Password


A malicious package was removed today from the npm repository after it was discovered that it stole login information from the computers it was installed on.

The npm repository is a popular online database for open-source packages that are often used as dependencies in Node.js projects.

Earlier today, npm pulled the package ‘bb-builder’ from the repository, marking it as malicious and having critical severity.

“All versions of bb-builder contained malicious code. The package ran an executable targeting Windows and uploaded information to a remote server.”, says npm in her sites.

“Any computer that has this package installed or running should be considered fully compromised. All secrets and keys stored on that computer should be rotated immediately from a different computer.

npm advises developers to remove this package, but warns that this action may not be sufficient to ensure that the system is clean.

The package should be removed, but as full control of the computer may have been given to an outside entity, there is no guarantee that removing the package will remove all malicious software resulting from installing it.”.


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