ScanGuard Antivirus – part of vulnerability, Insecure Folder Premissions


ScanGuard Antivirus 2020 has reported this week as part of vulnerability with insecure folder premissions in exploitdb sites.

ScanGuard are a reliable, full system antivirus scan, which competes with all the big antivirus players. gives users a refreshingly simple to use antivirus package. It was clear that their software was going to be amongst the market leaders from the outset, thanks to the integration of a number of quality security features beyond simply antivirus functions. Their primary focus is based around safeguarding all the devices of their users, which is shown instantly as they offer protection for 3 devices at no extra cost (available with the cheapest option). ScanGuard only offer 1 product, so you won’t find yourself with another decision to make beyond picking the brand. Antivirus Software Guide rate Scanguard as the best all round security suite online.

The same report from refers sites says:” Scanguard through 2019-11-12 on Windows has Insecure Permissions for the installation directory, leading to
privilege escalation via a Trojan horse executable file.

The product sets weak access control restrictions, as permissions are set to Full Control for Everyone group.
This can allow low integrity malware the ability to replace ScanGuard executables.”

Be carefully what antivirus you are using on your computers!


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