How to protect car keys from hackers

The development of technology has also developed the production of car technology. New cars these days have an access system, not like the old models, with metal keys. It is enough that the cell phone or card is inside the car, and you press a start button and the car starts.

This technological development also has its shortcomings, as it becomes easier for a hacker to clone your car’s key, just by tracking near you with certain applications or computer systems, through the waves that your key emits, and therefore to gain easy access to your car.

There are several ways of theft which we are listing as follows

Relay attack: Hackers can use this type of method by carrying a wireless transmitter near someone’s pocket, bag, or perhaps their home, to capture the radio signal emitted by your car key.

Blocking the signal: This is another way that allows thieves to block the signal of your key, when you give the command to automatically close the vehicle, so your doors stay open.

Key Programming: Key programming uses a device developed by hackers that plugs into one of the car’s diagnostic ports, allowing them to program an empty key slot as if it were a real key. Once this copy is made, it can be used to unlock the vehicle, start it.

There are several ways to protect yourself, as we will list below:

Blocking the signal

You can block using a Faraday bag which has a metal coated material blocking radio signals, or an aluminum tin or signal blocking box.

Turn off the switch at night

Some keys have the option to turn off, and if you have the opportunity to do this, do it at night so that your car is not vulnerable to thieves.

Use old tire blocking technology

Although old technology, it is valuable as it does not allow the car to move if you apply it, or even better if you also apply the steering wheel locks.

Combined use of technology

This type of technology is applied to all types of cars, but especially new ones. This method allows the owner of the car to intervene in the electrical system of the car.

Making it possible to modify the ignition system with a combination of several buttons on your car, so that it turns on, even after you have inserted the key and try to turn it on. , if you don’t do this combination, it will never turn on.

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